Monday, September 12, 2011

Do you want a give away?


A blogger friend of mine, Patty the Quilt Lady, is having a really nice giveaway over to her place.  It seems she has finished the room she has been working on for a while and wants to celebrate!  She did most of the work herself, a woman after my own heart!  She owns her own tools even!

These pictures of course are of the work we did on the Bristoe house we bought to re-sell, but ended up renting it out instead.  This was a major re-do, a total renovation.  I wanted to set the mood for the giveaway with some construction photos.

You can see her room re-do before and after and some of her projects of the quilting mode here:


To win you must follow some directions, but you can do that!   The fabulous prize will be fat quarters in her new made over room's colors!  Go see them, I am drooling over them as I type!


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  1. Glen, This is Pattythequiltlady. Thanks for posting about my giveaway!


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