Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fabric Score

Was heading home from the Aesthetic Medicine Group today and I stopped in to check out Goodwill.  I really need a measuring cup that I can use to scoop the dog's food.  they are currently using my metal one cup and I want it back!

No dice.  But I did find this beauty. For $2.50.  Yes, TWO dollars and fifty cents.

A bright red dust ruffle made from some beautiful 100% cotton quilting fabric.  Bright red, baby!

It has 6 or 7 yards of fabric, the ruffle is about 22 inch wide and there are 14 yards of those strips.  There are also 13 yards of a 3 inch strip. 

Who ever made this did a beautiful job.

The best part?

There are TWO of them!  LOL.  What kind of great score did you make?


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  1. Amazing deal! I saw an awesome cotton print skirt on the clearance rack at Target, but I'm waiting until it's 70% off. I've been thinking of you and your doggie...hugs.


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