Friday, September 23, 2011

Goings on in the life of a Quilt Goddess

No rain. Can you believe that? It poured where I was and at Carrie's house but not here. And we needed it. Not as bad as Texas, though.

I taught a class of women who are interested in relearning their machines and getting back into sewing and maybe quilting.
Yesterday I presented the rice bag warmer in flannel pastel animals and a zippered pouch out of LSU fabrics. They now worship me as a Quilt Goddess! And I like that!

Still no computer........Maybe today he says, maybe today.

Dutch's limping is more pronounced. I fear we are entering the next stage and I am terrified. Losing Tycho was such a shock that she brought my own boy's situation onto my forefront. He had been doing so well that I was able to look past the bone cancer and see him happy and free. He is still happy, well, as much as he can be with DiNozzo and now Grand-dog Hugeaux bugging him.

DiNozzo rammed me with his head yesterday when I tried to grab him in his fit of atomic energy. My lip bled profusely for half an hour then swelled despite the ice pack. This morning he jumped on me as I was laying on the sofa. When I rolled off to dump him he fell on my foot and bent my toe back. So now I can't walk on it. I look like an abused woman, and it is really quite embarrassing. Really, it is DiNozzo, I could take Frank on in a fight!

So here I sit, damaged lip and toe, living on the accolades from yesterday. Waiting to head out to meet Jenny and work on the accounting for CAAWS. And can't even post anya

glen--- ouch!!! That hurt.........


  1. Aahh Glenda! You had rough day yesterday. Sorry to hear that Dutch is limping worse, but he is happy. He doesn't know he has cancer. He has a great dog Mom and you take wonderful care of him. Sorry to hear Demon DiNozzo is abusing you. I have those dog generated split lips, black eyes and bruised feet. They are not fun. Hugs!

  2. Frank needs to remember to get DiNozzo on his side then. LOL


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