Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We all know I an not a sports fan and even less when I consider that the most important thing at a lot of universities is not that they turn out graduates but how the football games go that weekend.

But a good friend of mine and her mom LOVE LOVE LOVE the girl's basketball games at LSU.  Ann and her mom, Miss Elizabeth, have traveled with the team for years now.  On Miss Elizabeth's 90th birthday, the entire team came to the party!  Now that is a big fan!  Doesn't she look incredible for, oh, let's just say.....OVER 90??

Yesterday Ann and her momma were invited to be Honorary Coaches at the game.  They sat at the Coach's Table on the sidelines and were at the Pre-Game and Half Time talk and update.  They were presented with a play book from the game as well.

Ann called me so excited, I know this is a big honor for them.  I am sure they both were the happiest fans in the stadium! 

Ann made the LSU purse for her mom in one of the groups I did for the ladies.  It looks great sitting there on the LSU Coach's Table next to the Honorary LSU Coach!  LOL.

So, with the help of Ann and Miss Elizabeth, LSU Girl's  Women's Basketball, beat Arkansas Pine Bluff 80-28 last night.  LSU is ranked 20th right now, we will see if they jump in the ratings now they have excellent help on the sidelines!

Go Go Go LSU!

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