Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lighting the way for Papa Noel and DiNozzo is Jewish

In Louisiana, we have a lot of traditions that separate us from the rest of the world.  And most are designed to encourage drinking and partying till the wee hours of the morning.  One such traditions are the bonfires on Christmas Eve along the river.  Mississippi River, that is, the ONLY river of any importance.

So the Cajuns build these mighty structures on the levee and on Christmas Eve, they light them.  Drinking and dancing and playing music as only Cajuns can do!  The purpose of the bonfires is to light the way for Papa Noel to come to their homes. 

Huey P. Long's
Sunshine Bridge to Nowhere behind

These structures are magnificent and huge and now require a permit to build.  Every once in a while one will collapse and kill a couple of people so they build them often in memory of someone.  Like this one.  Most are pyramid shaped but some do get quite elaborate.

What precipitated this was a picture in the paper showing 5 structures on the levee in Convent, east of us.  Frank travels the plants all along the river so he knew just where these were.  We tossed the bassets in the car and headed out.  I have no idea where Convent is, so I took along a DiNozzo Throw Up Kit just in case he did the nasty like when we went to the Santa pictures in New Roads in the rain.  We never found the bonfires.

We found only these two structures, but we found that DiNozzo cannot ride in a car for more than PetsMart distance.  The dog park is closer than PetsMart, so he is fine going there.

And we decided that since he tossed his cookies both times related to a Christian Festival, he must be Jewish.  We knew that Dutch was a Baptist. 

Just look at how pathetic DiNozzo looks.  Chloe was trying to soothe him by laying her head on him.  We had to stop and clean out the car in Burnside.  We turned around and took DiNozzo home after that.  He looks so bad, I felt so sorry for him.  You know, he is definitely related to Frank!  Too bad they both can't drive

Happy Hanukkah all you Bassets out there!



  1. oh what a great post - I have been to those bonfires, and they are fabulous, fabulous!!

    We found that our kitty barfs in the back seat but not the front - go figure that... but DiNozzo is too big for lap travel, I fear...

    He'll just have to be a stay-at-home puppy.

    Happy Chanukkah to him.

  2. poor baby. Lilly would do that when she lived with DD but has never thrown up (knock on wood) while traveling with us. But I still take precautions and put a towel in my lap.


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