Friday, December 9, 2011


I finally feel stronger.  Yesterday I went to the grocery store and then laid on the sofa all day wrapped in Bassets.  This morning I decided I needed to get back into the world so I made a quilting date for Tuesday, a lunch date with Carrie today and thought to clean the bathrooms. 

Cleaning the bathrooms sounds simple but it is a 2 hour job.  One is pretty quick and easy but the master requires intricate work.  The huge tub and all the corners and tilework is jut time consuming.  But it got done and my house smells pleasantly like pine oil.  Sort of Christmassy even!

Yesterday I made a Santa Sack for my friend who will be the Santa at the PetsMart Photos on Dec 17 and 18 at Millerville for CAAWS.  He has a Santa Suit but wanted a Santa Sack to put some stuff in when he goes to the nursing homes.  He will be at the Staff Party for Nottingham where my mother is now.  And he will visit the residents after that.  Then he will go and visit the place where our friend George was in his last months.  I went to the Dollar Store and filled his Santa Sack with a lot of goodies like coloring books, bright squishy balls, children's picture books with bright colors, card games with bright colors and my favorite things those woozle sticks that make a weird sound when you turn them. 

Of course I didn't even think to take a picture so I will have to do so when I see him next.  Basically I made an oversized pillowcase like that Hot Dog Method but before I rolled it up I made two button holes in the top section just above the flange.  I put that to the outside.  It took some thinking to get it right so I suggest you put it all together first so it is right the first time.

I have never made button holes on the Husqvarna.  And was too lazy to get the instruction book out  find the instruction book in my messy mess of a room.  So I tried a few things, that obviously didn't work.  And ended up making button holes the old fashioned way.

I threaded some white cotton rope from the ribbon section, you know that soft stuff, I have no idea what it is called.  But I put that thought the top section of the pillow case and it made a fabulous Santa Bag.

I love the picture of the two Santas on the very top.  That backdrop was hysterical.  After we set it up, took all 200 sets of photos and sent everything out for printing, when the pictures came back, it looked like two boobs in just about every picture that wasn't a close-up.  LOL.  We still laugh about that one.



Chloe in Santa's lap, Dutch and Bonnie Doon


  1. Glad you are feeling like joining the world again. I love the pictures in this post.


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