Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Fun Filled Day of Sewing

Ohhhhhh!  I was so bad.  I did not send off my checks for the investment club at the end of the year and now they are upset with me.  I have gotten 3 phone calls from them today.  Accounting lady is really not happy with me.  Too bad, the investment club was the furthest thing from my mind when my dog was dying!  I did, however, get a nice check from the club for last year.  It will keep me in quilting supplies for a while! 

 I spent the day sewing with Paula and her daughter Kim.  Kim was working on a Bow Tucks Bag in LSU colors.  Here she is quilting the front panel.    And this is the pocket she finished.  It will be on the front of the purse.  I should have taken a couple of shots of the fabric.  Too cute LSU fabric combined with some tiger print.

The whole time we were working Anna the Cat was right there with us supervising.  At one point I thought she might lose her tail on the cutting table.  But Paula was careful to cut around the tail parts.  Anna is so sweet and she LOVES fabric.  What more can a quilter ask for in a kitty?

 Here is the project I was working on.  It is a vinyl tote from a shop in Northern Utah.  The kit contained everything you see here.  I would have done the handles in a different fabric, but it does go with the bright flowers on the tote.  I am thinking I need to go to Hancocks and pick up some of that fabric and make a tote for Patsy for our Cruise.  Won't she be surprised, unless she is reading this post, then she may still be surprised!  LOL.

The vinyl is not like the table cloths but is actually fabric covered with the chemicals that make vinyl (I guess that is how they do it.)  I is soft and pliable.  The shop owner told me that I needed to sew carefully because the needle leaves holes in the vinyl that do no heal like they do in normal fabric.  So don't make a mistake.  The portable machine I use, a small Brother, handled the fabric nicely.  No problems. 

glen:  another long time UFO done from about 5 years ago!


  1. Cutting with a rotary cutter is risky enough without having to dodge a cat's tail! :)

  2. Cats and their nine lives...they do enjoy living on the edge, don't they?! Love the fleur de lis fabric! I've seen that special vinyl fabric before online, but I've never seen it (or more importantly for me, touched it) up close and personal. It intrigues me. Did you enjoy working with it? :)


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