Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stash report 1-22-12

Not much sewing this week, but I did do the January Challenge making a word that would inspire me for the year.  I chose Albondigas.  Long but pertinent.

 My stash this week did not go down much, just the amounts of this piece.  But try as I might, I could not find the black fabric I wanted for the 366 Tiny Tiny Houses sashing strips.  So I did not add any fabric in spite of my intentions!

Fabric added this week - 0
Fabric added this month - 0
Fabric added this year - 0

Fabric used this week - 1.666
Fabric used this month - 17.9
Fabric used this year - 17.9 (heck, we are calling this 18!)

Total  Decrease -  18 yards!

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  1. OK, I'll bite! Do you want to share your inspirational word meaning????? Or share your recipe. Whatever the meaning, I hope it works for you.


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