Friday, February 17, 2012

Spanish Town Parade

We did 8 miles today.  Thought it would rain in the late afternoon and we would not be able to go, but even now at 7:30 PM it is not raining.   That is not necessarily a good thing though, because the longer the rain delays the more chance the parades will not roll tomorrow.

spic002.jpgTomorrow is the Mardi Gras Weekend in the whole of Louisiana.  Spanish Town Parade will hopefully roll tomorrow around 4 PM after an official delay of four hours.  If it is unable to roll due to weather, there is no other time for it to go.  So that will be it for the year.

Talk about some upset people!  They spend months and months putting together their floats and their throws and costumes.  Big deal here in town!  THis year their theme is It's CON-ival Time!  spoofing the King Governor Edwin Edwards.  He just got out of federal prison for racketeering.  And is a well known crook.

Last year' theme was BP Blows and Wiki Leaks.

float3People form their own groups known as Krewes.  And come up with an excuse to party and drink beer and boil crawfish during the year planning their float for the parade.  Then there are a lot of things going on during the year that raise money for various charitable organizations.  So it does have a purpose, sort of.

These were the winners last year:

Best Float-Krewe of La Moula
Worst Float-Krewe of Bierbog
Best Bribe-Krewe of Cookie
Best Newcomers-Krewe of Krime
Thought That Counts-Krewe of Snafu
Heart Breakers Award-Italian American Marchers
Viagra Award-Krewe of Boyd
(you know, the old guys)
Cougar Award-I-Da-Ho Potato Queens
Best Jello Shots-Krewe of Bassackwards
Darin' Erin Award-Krewe of Damnifineaux
Sucking Up Award-Krewe of Demolition

Krewe of BassAckwardsSo we shall see what happens and if the Gods of Mardi Gras smile upon us here!

glen:  Throw Me Somethin' Mista!


  1. oh, heavens - what a wonderful memory - we used to go to the Spanish Town parade every year - my favorite was the Merry Minstrels - ladies dressed in cardboard, with a little cotton top and a string - like a sanitary product!! They were led by someone on a trike, with the sign "Minstrel Cycle".... oh i laughed til i hurt... thanks for the reminder!


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