Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stained Glass Quilt

Today is son in law Andrew's birthday but we will celebrate it tomorrow at a lunch of his choosing.  Probably something expensive.  He is a lovely guy, who married my expensive beautiful daughter.

CAAWS is doing off-site adoptions at the new pet supply store that opened up today.  I helped transport several dogs over there and some stuff to bring in some donations, like last year's parade shirts, cups and some CAAWS pens.   I bought a couple of smaller bowls for the bassets from the new shop.  My low-riders are currently using Bonnie Doon's 5 quart water bowls and can barely get their heads in over the sides!  Short legs are a detriment to drinking with the big dogs!  And I got DiNozzo a bowl that won't scoot around the kitchen while he cleans his plate every feeding.  He goes about 25mph across the room licking that bowl out.

Yesterday I took some pictures of the place Karen and I ate, but no pictures of her.  Go figure that.  The alligator is out by their pond in the front and the jasmine covers the front porch.  It poured raining all day, cold and damp even though it was only 49 degrees all day.  It was just one of those days you were just plain cold!  I came home and made a fire and warmed my tootsies while knitting and ripping out socks.
Talk about down home cooking, look at the lunch menu for yesterday!  Butter Beans and Shrimp!  Can't beat that with a stick!

Here is a view of the whole place.  pretty rustic.  I got there a bit early and they brought me in from the porch where I was waiting and filled me with hot coffee and fresh out of the oven cornbread.  Then the owner came by and lit a fire for me to keep me warm!  Southern Hospitality at its best!

Here is the Stained Glass Quilt I am currently putting together.  All the blocks are complete and now I need to frame each one in black and finish the top.  How beautiful!  I randomly chose 12 pieces of fabric and let them play together as they would.  (Paula, hear that!!!  LOL)  And I just randomly chose the fabrics as Fabric 1, Fabric 2, etc.  I like the way it worked out.  It looks like the light is shining through that stained glass window.  Really nice. I need a nice batik border. Oh, I have not actually put the blocks where they are supposed to be, so the arrangement will change maybe tonight after our dinner with Ann/Press.  I know the story about the accident.  Bottom line is that she does not have a concussion and is fine.  Other than that, I can laugh at her for, oh say the next month or so!

Something from the stash for that border though, all my fabric and the dog kit came in this week so my figures on Sunday will astound you!  They astound me!

Oh, and this is me....knitting......with Chloe the Smelly Basset draped on my lap.

more later.


  1. Reminds me of Piet Monrain's work only he mostly used red, white, black, and yellow. My students had to recreate his paintings in Excel.

  2. I like the stained glass quilt. I love the photo of you and Chloe knitting. Perfect.

  3. Hey,
    Carmelita out in colder than hammered hell Pennsylvania. Love the stained glass, going to be a beauty. I'm currently pieceing the first quilt I've made in 15 years. Supposed to be a scrap quilt but I keep purchasing fabric for it (what's with that?) Normally hand piece but this one is being done on the machine. Works fine. Going to send it out to be quilted.
    Camelita and her swissies
    Besame', Mercedes, Rufus, Sadie & Ellyn

  4. Loving all your quilts and fabric buys - hard to resist I know. I'm waiting for a parcel from the US. I have a beagle called Chloe, I bet your Chloe is just as naughty as mine!


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