Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stash Reduction Report 2-19-12

It was a pretty good week in the reduction department.  I think I have used more than I bought.  But maybe it is close, very very close. (Note:  I forgot about the tulle and the cheddar when I was thinking I didn't use much)

I worked on the iron caddy and had to purchase a yard of material for the binding.  Well, I didn't HAVE to purchase a yard, it was more like needing 1/3 of a yard, but hey.  And if I would have gotten the course requirements prior to arriving at the class with two fat quarters thinking that would do, I would have been a reducing fool.  But that is OK.  I love the stripes I added to the collection!
The pattern is by Charlene Harp and she is new to designing.  But we are trying to convince her that she is so good she can make a million dollars next year doing this!  LOL. (Hey they are just that cute!)

If you want to see a tutorial as to how I did the shadow blocks, check out:  Shadow Block Tutorial

I am working on the cheddar sashing on the Plaid Shirt Wonky Log Cabins.  I have used up enough plaids for 2 more blocks to make the 20.  And then sashing cheddar for 8 of them.  And of course the tulle for the shadows.  I have just less than a yard left of the cheddar so I face a dilemma.  I can use only 15 or 16 of the blocks oradd a different fabric in for the rest.  I am going to have to purchase new fabric as I have nothing that will match this color.  I will go through my stash this week and see what may work and I will audition them on the blog for you to help me.  If you will!  I would appreciate any help.  It will have to be a color that allows you to see the shadows.  I can envision it with a beautiful solid cheddar block center and the patterned cheddars around them.  I will have to do some layouts.

And I am working on my Stained Glass but had to ask a technical question before I proceeded so I don't have some of the black counted in just yet.  Not used, not counted!

So here goes:

Aren't they just adorable?

used this week -4.580
used Feb -9.83
added this week 1
added Feb 14.5
used YTD -39.08
added YTD 17.5

Hey, you use more material than you think!  Yes!



  1. Great numbers and we are only in week 7 of 2012!
    You have been a busy quilter.

  2. I like the iron caddies! Good job on your numbers.


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