Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photo A Day (still at retreat, but you will like this one!)

Today's photo is Bedside.  At first I read it beside.  And that would be DiNozzo, always beside me.  So here is what is at my bedside!

This belonged to my grandmother, Irma Pottharst Sellers.  She was a dressmaker.  She and her Aunt Wilemena Pottharst came from Alsace - Lorraine between France and Germany, so they are French AND German.  They used this treadle machine to sew for the rich and famous in New Orleans.  I have several quilts from them that are made from the scraps of the ladies fine dresses and another of the men's wool weight suiting.  They are not pretty quilts at all, just crazy patched together.  

I had a local furniture restorer work on this a number of years ago.  He painted the Singer name in gold leaf because that was the way they were originally.  And the machine is in the attic somewhere.  

When I was a child I would sew on it by pushing the treadle up and down.  I would quickly tire of that and get into Mimi's button collection.  

Gee, I sure wish I had those buttons now!


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