Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Mirror

Well, I was really jealous that Jill had so much room!  Now she needs to turn her mirror into an Alice in Wonderland mirror and get that extra space!  LOL.

I did some quilting on my zig zags tonight.  Got Frank to help me get the tension corrected, a problem I ahve been having with the quilting machine.  Then I proceeded to quilt the entire piece in about 2 hours.  Nice!

But when I took it off the machine, the last bobbin change messed up.  If I could write the rest of the paragraph with explication it would be too mild.  I was not happy, let's just say that.  So now I have to take the last quarter out and re-work it.

While I was jumping up and down and cursing like Rumpelstiltskin after the Princess foiled his plan to take the firstborn, Frank was in there trying to figure out why the roller wheels were catching on the stupid screws and making the quilting line jump each time it passed.  He found that the wheels were off the track.  Who knows how that happened.  Gremlins.

Maybe the same ones that started popping the thread again.

Here is the quilt spread on the floor.

But this is what happens when you try to take pictures.

I like the way it looks and I like the quilting.  Just not the machine........



  1. It's looking great! I am jealous you have a machine that can quilt so fast. Sorry you have to pull out stitches and requilt.

  2. DeNozzo and Chloe seem to think it is theirs. It looks great! As for the machine, I think that they all have those problems.

  3. Sure looks like it passes the Basset Test.

  4. Your zig zag quilt looks great! What does HST stand for?


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