Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Are Bassets Dumb or Smart -- I Can't Tell

Swissys are really smart but the jury is still out on Bassets.  If you are not sure like me, then you may just want to check out this story.

Well, after the story you probably won't know any more but you will have an appreciation for the resourcefulness of the breed.  They certainly know how to figure out how to get around a barricade or that tiny crumb way back on the counter-top you missed when you cleaned off the counter.

Bad bad weather last night, lots of hail.  We had what went through Dallas yesterday.  Thanks, Natalie!  Today it is wet and cloudy with chances of scattered T-Storms so I will sew today.  I have borders to put on the Elephants, Zig Zags and The Neighborhood.  After that addition, each will be ready for quilting.

I will post pictures this afternoon to show you my beauties!



  1. Idont know about bazaars but I do know that chugs are super smart especially when it comes to getting what they want.

  2. Don't you love the way this thing corrects your words. Bassets becomes bazaars. Funnnnneeee!

    1. LOL! You are not far off, Bassets are Bizzare!LOL. Still laughing about that!



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