Thursday, May 31, 2012

Court Date and Quilting Date

I liked the Quilting Date better than the Court Date but it had to be done.  This is the Norton woman who was dumping the dogs at CAAWS, she was given probation on the agreement that she would not have animals during the probation period.  And she still has animals.  Dogs, cats, horses and cattle.  We have pictures from a neighboring property showing the animals loose in poor condition.  The hearing was to revoke her probation and send her to jail.  But since she is 74 years old the judge does not want to put her in jail and continued her probation as is the the requirement that an investigative report be done on her property to see the status of the animals.  One horse, in particularly poor condition she stated was 35 years old and has been euthanized due to ill health.  We will try to obtain pictures of that horse to prove she was not truthful in court, which would be bad news for her, we hope.

For Quilting...............

I couldn't' wait, I had to finish up the Blue Corn Flower quilt and I think it has already been claimed by Carrie as a baby shower present.  All I need is to do the binding, and wouldn't you know, I think I may have to go buy 1/2 yard of fabric.  I cannot imagine that I don't have anything to go with this, but I don't see anything right now.  I will dig in the closet in a minute after our conversation is over.

I have to tell you, my quilting machine did a BEAUTIFUL job.  No breaks, no snarls, no tension problems.  Nothing.  Probably for the very first time ever.  YEAH!  (jumping for joy)

I used polyester batting, which I don't like but I won at the Country Fair last year.  I think I will donate the other two bats I have of the polyester stuff.

She is so excited about the quilt, her friends totally LOVE getting a baby quilt.  So cool!  I have another that will go to her friend who is having a boy but I will use some flannel rather than that horrible poly batting.

I also have decided to take the poly batting OUT of Dan's quilt and replace it with either the thin 80/20 cotton or the flannel.  I can get yards and yards and yards of white or cream flannel from Hobby Lobby at 40% off or at Joann's now that we have the competition for cheap.  But a lot of work to undo that huge quilt.  I think it needs to be done though.  And I will have stuff to do on the sofa watching TV at night now!  LOL.

I really like the flannel inside.  We certainly don't need hot quilts here in South Louisiana but we do need something to cover our legs at night on the sofa when the fan is going and the TV is on and you are cuddling with a dog or two.  Or a hubby or two.....oh.......who would want TWO of those!  LOL

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  1. Two Stellys would be wonderful but would wear me out !


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