Monday, May 7, 2012

Design Wall Monday 5-7-12

The week sure sped by.  I only touched the sewing machine once for the creation of the blocks for the lotto at the local guild  Two simple churn dash in 30's but I didn't win.  Fooey.

But I have plans for this week.  It may not be very productive, I am hurting this week for some reason.  All the way into my bones.  Even a broken bone in my leg from 20 years ago hurts today.

Plaid Shirt Bargello Strips
Dan's quilt goes on the long arm
This week I plan on finishing up two UFO to at least the top stage and putting one top on the long arm.  Not necessarily the ones I finish, but a long arm endeavor none the less.

glen:  off to see if I can get some work done


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your aches. what's the atmospheric pressure there? I find low pressure means high pressure in the joints.

  2. Sorry you didn't win after your sewing efforts. Hope this week is better and that your aches go away!

  3. A plaid bargello sounds pretty neat. Sounds like the weather has you hurting. Hope that changes for you soon. Always great to get a UFO complete. Sandi

  4. Feel better, whenever I have a illness coming on every joint in my body aches. I love Dan's quilt. I hope to see what the future is of the bargello quilt. I haven't put a quilt on the long arm in amonth. The positive of that is my Mom has and quilted several!


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