Thursday, June 7, 2012

$75 Worth of Couldn't

I am a fabric-holic.  Yes.  I am.

Ann called and said she had to go take her mom somewhere and would be very near the quilt shop that has the reduction of 40% of everything on the floor, would I like to meet her there for a consultation.

for S-I-L who has a
Pot Bellied Pig
For me for a duffle bag
for sewing  stuff
Why, yes I would, in fact.  I convinced myself that I did not need to purchase anything since I had done $106 worth of damage just the day before.  I felt totally confident that I could stand in the quilt shop and consult on another person's purchases.  Yes, I KNEW I could.

Well, I couldn't.  $75.00 worth of couldn't.


  1. You are so bad! But I do like what you bought! Love those piggies!

  2. But it was 40% off! You can't beat that!


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