Monday, June 11, 2012

Design Wall Monday

The stuff I am working on includes the challenge to myself:

The June Quilt Your Quilt Top Challenge.
baby quilt needs binding

The Cow quilt needs binding
I am pretty successful so far, with 3 tops completed totally, two just needing binding now.  And all in 10 days of June!  I am really proud of myself for getting that many done.  These are tops laying around in two or three piles, boxes actually, that have been here since forever.  Sometimes I already have the backs rolled up with 

Amber's Quilt needs binding
the tops, but sometimes I have to pull from my stash which is a good thing considering I purchased 29 yards of fabric in two days at the quilt shop that is having a storewide 40% off sale to reduce inventory for their upcoming move.

I have another quilt ready to go on the frame and the two to bind.  I am forcing myself not to start anything new right now until I get these boxes at least consolidated into one box.

Dan's Quilt needs quilting
And I have informed everyone......they will get a quilt for whatever event happens where they need a present!  



  1. Good job! I get a little closer to sewing again every day.

  2. I'll help with the binding if you help me cut bias binding

  3. Glen, We are running neck and neck for finishes so far for June! I will have my third one, including the binding, done tonight! My next quilt is going to take awhile. It is a full sized quilt and it will probably take me at least twenty hours to quilt it.

  4. That is terrific! My finishes have been slow to come this year and it is nearly half over. Hope all your goals stay within reach for weeks to come!

  5. Wow, 3 finishes in 10 days. I am trying for one a month these days. But I do know how easy it is to get distracted by new projects and let others languish, waiting their turn to be completed. Good job.


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