Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kip Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

This is not about me this time.  It is about Kip.  Kip was a cool dog.  He was rough and gentle at the same time.  He loved his Aunt Glenda and actually sucked  my hair across the country for 3000 miles.

He was big and sweet and gentle and playful and happy and cool.

And he lost his fight with some strange and odd thing going on with his heart today.

He was Bonnie Doon's nephew, born the son of her half brother Keygan, one of the greatest Swissys of all time.  He was 7 years old.

And he leaves behind Valerie, who is like me, without a Swissy for the very first time in decades. These dogs, they have such a hold on our hearts, and they know it.  But when they leave us it is so hard.  They are larger than life, they have such a presence in our homes.  They are our lives.

Brendamine's Interplanetary crossed that bridge to meet so many great dogs, I almost wish I could have walked with him for a while.

Run like the wind, Kip.  And find Bonnie Doon and Dutch and Pepsi for me.

glen and the Bassets


  1. So sorry. Godspeed Kip. Please give Valerie my condolences.


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