Friday, June 8, 2012

Noteworthy Day - friends and quilting

I have some crumby days, like the day my purse was stolen and Frank's window smashed.  But I have some fabulous days as well.  And yesterday was one of those days worth noting.  Noteworthy!

DiNozzo was good all day, a feat nearly unmanageable!  See how small he can tuck his huge lumbering body?  He is so cute he makes you forget, nearly, all the bad stuff he does.  He may have met his match in a pit bull rescue Jackson who quilts and crochets and wrecks havoc.

I met my friend Ann at the fabric shop and we bought fabric at 40% off.  We ate lunch together.  It is good to have a friend like Ann, we are each other's sounding boards.  Sometimes you just need someone to listen, our husbands are cut from the same mold of non-listening stock, so it becomes important for each of us to sometimes just listen.  And know we are being heard.

Then we met our new friends Judy and Mary Ruth for dinner at La Madelaine's in a driving rain story.  Three good things in that sentence!  Rain, La Madelaine's and friends!

At the guild meeting, I introduced Judy and Mary Ruth and they joined so we will have our La Madelaine's dinners once a month!  Judy is an art quilter and teacher.  Her specialty is digital prints and paper fabric.  Check out her website at Mo and Mike.  She uses free motion and digital prints to make the most fabulous hangings.  I need to convince her to do classes here. Yes!  She has a New Orleans scene of architecture and jazz players that is incredible.

Then I actually WON something at the guild meeting.  I won a set of 10 tree of life blocks i the Birthday Raffle and I won the $15 gift certificate from Red Stick Quilt Shop for wearing my name tag.  Funny thing was I have only worn my name tag once in the last year!  What a reward!  LOL.

At the meeting, April surprised me with a tomato to replace the ones DiNozzo ate from the vine.  I chuckled at that, but it made me feel wonderful to know there were people out there enjoying my storytelling.  Patty J is excited to try the bread, Patty A the muffins, and several asked about the chocolate yogurt!  Thank you all for reading, you have no idea how I love it.

I nearly have Amber's quilt completed, the machine is performing beautifully, not one break in thread and I am 2/3 complete.

AND.......I follow the pantographs with a laser pen on a top shelf of the frame.  Yesterday in some freak movement I knocked the laser pen off its place and lost the copper thing that turns the light on.  Without that, I can't do pantographs because you can't hold the light on and follow the panto at the same time.  So production quilting stopped in its tracks while I searched.

Could not find that thing because it is the exact same color as the leaves in the carpet.  I searched and searched and searched.  I found lots of dust and thread and a bobbin I didn't know I'd lost.  I was so frustrated.  Finally after about 15 minutes of hands and knees searching I found it!

This is what the set up looks like and that is the piece I was looking for.  Just the color of my carpet!

I'd say it was a FABULOUS DAY!

Thank you my friends!



  1. So lovely to have wonderful days! Hope you have another one today. :)


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