Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hot work

Whew! We went to the rent house and cut the grass, edged the sidewalks and driveway and weed whacked the house and bushes. Hot? It was darn hot! And why does the tenant not do it? She is a welfare recipient who has never worked a day in her life, has two children and is single. But she needs a roof over her head, a safe place to raise the boys and the government pays for it all. glen: but you would think the six ans seventh grad boys could cut the grass with the lawn mower I bought for the house......just saying


  1. My boys started cutting the grass under my supervision when they were probably 10 years old or maybe even 9. However, my Dad would come and edge and such since that wasn't something I wanted to do or cared about, and the boys would help him.
    Seriously, I'm in my glory here with a desert yard with NO grass!! I do have to cut weeds, but I have one of those old fashioned mowers with the spinning blades that you push and they don't use gas or electric!
    I personally hate yard work of any kind, really loathe it!

  2. sadly, if they are not taught a good work ethic (which obviously isn't coming from mom), they don't know any better. No one LOVES yard work but it a fact of life. my son started helping out when he was 8 or 9.

    love your bargello! never did get those. hope at least now you can shut the drawer! LOL


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