Monday, July 9, 2012

Design Wall Monday 7-9-12

Aloe - Can I eat this?
Can you imagine it is coming up on the middle of July already?  I guess I should have gotten the idea from the mercury in the thermometer!  July is one of the two or three hottest months we have here in Louisiana.  Although last night was cool in the 70's for our walk.  After the rains cooled things off we were in the low 80's during the day even.

My garden is still going strong.  Except for the leaves that Hugeaux peed on, the caladiums are still incredibly beautiful.  Charlene and I sat on the patio and enjoyed them for quite a bit before the last meeting.

Here is an old project so I will have a picture for Judy's wall.  I am going to make some watermelon rind preserves this week so I thought to pull up the Watermelon quilt!  This one went to cousin Karen, who obviously does not read this blog!  LOL.

My design wall is one I cannot show you.  I am working on the Paint Chip Challenge.  I have all the blocks squared and placed and I am working on the border.  Most people are having trouble coming up with the name, but the name on mine was pretty easy!  the name is supposed to be pulled from your color names.  My colors are perfect for this name and it fits the quilt wonderfully.

Bonnie Doon
I am going through fabrics to do a duffle bag for the raffle at the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog National Specialty.  I usually donate a quilt and some other things, but this year it will be the duffles.    We will see how many I get done by then with my dog fabrics.  I will have to piece them to get a large enough section for the outside.  So that will be another wrinkle in the mix.  I am also thinking about a denim duffle with dogs as the pockets.  Recycle some old jeans in the mix.

 I am off to do some errands.  And I have a lot to do this week, next week I have a week long retreat!  So much fun!



  1. Very cute quilt, love the prairie points :0).
    I never met a red and green quilt I did not love!

    Happy Sewing

  2. Great quilt and I agree, is it really July and closing up on the middle!! Summers go by way to fast around here..... love your garden.

  3. A week long retreat....lucky you.

  4. We got the rain late in the afternoon yesterday and it was wonderful as was the cooler temp. And I love the idea of denim duffels. I have made bags and a quilt with old jeans but still have some: maybe I will do something like that for Christmas gifts (I started on a gift yesterday).


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