Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Tuesday, Sew Day and Lunch

Dogs in Sweaters?
The Weimeramer and the Shepherd are
talking about that Bichon....
Did some sewing at Red Stick this morning.  And it was Ann's birthday.  Her son was coming to take her to lunch so the rest of us girls and Dan went over to a Chinese Buffet and had lunch with another birthday boy Tommy.  He is all of 24 years old today.  I won't tell you how much Ann is!

Lounging in his window seat
as I sew
I am working on some of the duffle bags for the Swissy National Specialty in a few months and of course I got nothing done.  Well I did accomplish getting my sewing machine lugged inside and set up.  That was it.

So I am home now and need to get one done this afternoon.  So I am off to work.  Don't bother me, at all.  I need to sew.........


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  1. We went to doctors; got a good check up; went eat at Subway; shopped for fruit; got gas; came home; & now I'm going to take a short nap. I finished one and a half potholders while waiting. I have more to do. Then I have to quilt table runners and place mats. Somewhere I have to finis duffle bag too. Busy busy!


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