Saturday, July 21, 2012

Planning a New Quilt

I read a post from landscapelady today that really hit home.  It made me think of exactly me!  If you click on her name you will find the post.  But to paraphrase it, keep reading.  

She says she read a post from a blog she follows about this lady who was so bogged down the the thought of her 26+ UFOs sitting there, that she did not feel she could begin something new.  So she became stifled in her creative process.

Looking For Nemo
That post spoke to me, it made me think of exactly me!  I have this big pile of quilt tops I keep talking about.  I finished 6 of them and did clear some space in that box a bit.  And Carrie came yesterday and collected some really cute quilts for her girlfriends who are having babies.  So about 4 or 5 moved out with her.  But there are still a lot left.  And a big pile of those left to quilt, some left to be finished and even some that I want to do and are just in the fabric and pattern stage.  Whew!  That is way more than enough to stifle anyone's creativity!

So landscapelady jumped out of her current project that was bogging her down and created a new piece with sun prints and seta colors!  She instantly felt rejuvenated!  Yes.

I have been long wanting to make a quilt of words. By that I mean a quilt with words on it much like Tonya Riccuci's fabulous word quilts.  So I think I will do that.  I do need to complete the quilting on Dan's quilt currently sitting on my long arm, but that will need some ripping out of the last three rows since the tension really @#$%*! don't want to hear that word I used there.

So when I get back from the retreat, I will finish that up.  And I can move some more quilts out of my UFO pile and begin to create some to replace it.  I have a week of opportunity to finish up some things I have started, like Bonnie Hunter's Plaid Bargello from my shirt stash and her Playing With Jacks from the time she was here what, two years ago?  I love that one and do want to finish it soon.  

But when I do finish it, I am sure I won't want to give it away (did you think otherwise?!)   So if you are in line for a quilt gift from me, you may want to start lobbying for it NOW!  By Christmas I may just give in and send it to you!



  1. I decided that I would finish 2 UFOs and then get to start something new. Swaps or lotto blocks or bags are exempt of course. This works for me most of the time. The swap blocks and bags keep my creative juices flowing while clearing out the UFO & PhD closet not to mention helping with the culling of the FIGS. I say we bring one new project to retreat!

  2. I will have to google tonya and her words quilt, this is new to me - thank you for the mention , enjoy the retreat, I hope it's a quilty one

  3. I know what you mean about just having to start another quilt when there are others waiting to be finished. I feel pretty good now after the progress I made on my UFOs with your quilt challange in June. Since I got so many quilts done I fell I have some freedom to create now. I think that I am going to get back to my UFO pile after I get the last five quilt I have to get done this year. Maybe I will set a goal to get at least one done every 6 to 8 weeks.


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