Thursday, July 26, 2012

Retreat - day 3. Chocolate wine breaks out

I finished the scrappy Bargello to the top stage. It looks far better then I thought it would! Everyone loved it!

Then I worked on my churn dash 6.5 blocks for a while and got 15 done.

Then I worked on houses with different things in the windows. Everyone got int finding me things to piece into the tiny windows. So I have 15 new tiny tiny tiny houses! Lots of kitties and pumpkins, some hearts, a pair of fishes that I put in upside down, a giraffe and some spiders tomorrow.

I have so many Halloween things because Harriet is working on a million Halloween aprons for sale at the knights of Columbus sale.

And I cracked open a nice bottle of the chocolate wine that PattyA got me turned on to. Yes, you know you did it! And I suspect that next time I will have to double my order!!! I carefully kept the origin of purchase so they HAVE to invite me if they want more!!!!!



  1. OMG, isn't chocolate wine just the best? It's good with Baileys in it too, or some whipped cream on top... decadent! I LOVE chocolate wine!
    And it sounds like you are having fun AND getting a lot accomplished. Lucky you. :) Pictures?????

  2. Amazing progress! You should have all your UFO done in no time - must be that chocolate wine ;>}
    Quilting with good friends is just the best - enjoy!

  3. Oh, by the way I really like the Kobi Yamada saying you have on your blog and I took the liberty of adding it to my signature in my emails - hope you don't mind

  4. Didn't know you bought the chocolate wine - I keep it in the fridge and just drink it straight from the bottle This way I get my exercise running upstairs from the studio to the kitchen to get a belt of wine and it stays cold!

  5. Sounds like you are just blasting through a big list of projects. Can't wait to see them at Show and Tell. Chocolate wine sounds fantastic. I'm gonna have to get invited to try some. I can see how it might be addicting. Great retreat food!

  6. I bought chocolate wine a few days ago and am really impressed with it. It starts off in your mouth as a Merlot taste but as you swallow it the chocolate taste comes through leaving you a delicious after taste. Its fairly sweet but is a red wine.


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