Monday, July 2, 2012

Tallying the Results of the Quilt Your Quilt Tops in June Challenge

I am getting totals from those who were participating in the Quilt Your Quilt Tops in June Challenge with me.

I am waiting on two others.  If you were Quilting Your Quilt Tops alone with me in June send me your  tally and I will put you in line to see who won!  This is exciting.

I got 5 and half of Dan's BQ quilt with the lizards finished.

I have totals from Patty A., Rhonda, Cindy, and Pammy.  There is a clear winner in this bunch so far!

While we wait for the rest of the numbers to come in, enjoy my new fountain!  For some reason, yesterday Frank came home with a new fountain for the patio.  So we put it in late in the afternoon but it was still stinking hot!  this was the old fountain.  Not bad.  I had salvaged it from a broken fountain and a pot that held herbs in my kitchen window.  I stuck them together with that insulation foam in a can and sprayed the whole thing with a fake stone paint spray.  I was ready for something new.

Here is Franklin the Worker Guy taking the old fountain out and leveling the foundation block for the new fountain.  You can see DiNozzo looking on to see if he can lend a paw somewhere.

When we moved to this house 27 years ago we poured this patio as one of the first things we did.  I was big pregnant with Carrie so he would not let me do too much work.  We framed it in, made the center space for a fountain and had the cement company come and pour it.

The Worker Guy disconnected the electric from the old and got the new one ready to connect up.  It came with a plug in but he cut the cord and hard wired it into the old junction box.

And, I might say, he did not electrocute himself!  It may be the first time, too!  Although the shock therapy usually has benefits.

Here is DiNozzo getting bored and checking out my tomatoes.  How many people have to grow tomatoes 4 feet in the air to keep the dogs out of them?  Geez.  I may have to bring these to Carrie's to get them to ripen before they get eaten.  He checks them out every day to see if they are ripe enough for him to eat.

Here is me getting bored and looking at the tires of the wheelbarrow for inspiration in quilt patterns.  Actually that is not a bad idea for a quilt.  And it could be scrappy, although currently I am seeing everything in red and white at the present time.

 Well, we got the water bubbling but the whole shebang is not level and the water pours only to one side.  We spent about half an hour cussing and beating on the stone it sits on trying to level it out.

Here are some of the rocks I have collected from our vacations for the last 40 years.  They pile up around the fountain to make a beautiful display.  There are rocks from Tennessee streams, southwestern deserts, quartz crystals from caves, petrified wood from downfield streams when we canoed through Mississippi.  Lots of rocks from various rivers and streams, even as far away as Alaska.  I even have a petrified bone which is probably a rib bone from some cow or something.  One day I will take it to a forensic scientist and see if it is real.  They all had to be moved to set up the new fountain.

And here is the whole thing last night, working!  I put the rocks back in a pleasing arrangement this morning.

This morning in the sun, it was spectacular.  I really need to watch the water in this one, you can't see it because it is below the fountain in the bowl.  If evaporation occurs, then the pump will have no water to pump.

Chloe the Smelly Basset was sunning in the yard watching the birds fight over the seed.  We have had a woodpecker come the last week and sit on the feeder.  And the red winged blackbirds just toss the small millet out and search for the larger sunflower seeds.  So there is always a congregation of smaller birds like wrens and tits and the cardinals and pigeons who are in the grass next to the squirrels finding the scattered seeds.  And Chloe, who eats the seeds and poops out the seeds.  She has the best digestion and PLENTY of fiber!



  1. I love your fountain! Why do dogs love seed? My bird flips out the ones she doesn't like and the dogs scarf them up like they it's caviar or raw meat or something yummy! But then my dogs will turn their noses up at nothing.

  2. The fountain is beautful! Maybe if that guy from Yard Crashers comes to my house I will have a fountain. Unless he comes, it is not going to happen!

  3. love the fountain - I have always wanted one but never gotten one!


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