Monday, August 20, 2012


A very very good friend of mine knew just what we needed.  Frank has been complaining to everyone about me not making him a lighthouse quilt for his bed.  Well, not really his bed, but the bed in his office.  His office has lighthouse stuff all over it.  He likes them, I guess.

Anyway.  He has a quilt he bought from somewhere, one of those made in China.  It is pretty and has lots of lighthouses all over it, hand pieced and hand quilted.  But it is falling apart and he has been asking me to make him a new one, just like it!  Well, I am not going to do all that, and I have other stuff going on, so it has never gotten made.

But he has not stopped asking, and now he has resorted to the "shame" method.  He tells everyone about how beautifully I quilt and how wonderful all my nice machines are, and how happy he is to be able to live in amongst piles and boxes and shelves of fabrics from all over the world.  Arriving daily via the post and UPS even.

Then he tells people about his falling apart China quilt and how I won't make him one of his own.

And he turns pathetic looking eyes to me.

Now, that melts the hearts of everyone in hearing distance.

So Charlene from the Bayou gives me (in front of him, I might add) this beautiful pattern for a lighthouse quilt, and says Happy Anniversary!

LOL.  I guess Frank is going to get his lighthouse quilt! We have visited many of the lighthouses so he was all over that pattern when we got home.  It even had the Lake Pontchartrain lighthouse we use to see as a kid but now has sunk into the silt at the bottom of Lake Pontchartrain!

And thanks Charlene, I really love the pattern.  I have some hand dyes that will be perfect for it.  And I plan on getting back into some dyeing myself again.  He may have the most beautiful quilt in the world when it all ends with the binding and the label!

I guess she is going to keep me straight, when she visits here she sleeps under that old quilt from China!  So I am sure she is going to want to sleep under the NEW lighthouse quilt soon enough.

glen:  and that is pretty cool!


  1. Dogwood designs, hello! Of course you have to make the lighthouse quilt.

  2. It yelled at me when I was looking at crabs shrimp gulls etc outlines. " frank needs me!" so I got it! Something's just have to belong to certain people and this is one of those. You will make this into a super-fantastic quilt with your unique style. Besides this way you will remember me every time Frank asks if you finished it yet and pour blessings on my head! Wink. You are welcome.


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