Saturday, October 6, 2012

Borrow Space for a Design Wall

The Truth Bomb came through today.  It was very interesting.   She says to dwell on someone else's problems rather than your own.  There is always someone worse off than you and you can practice compassion rather than depression.

I thought that was good.  Very good.  So I will dwell on your problems today.  And I am going to solve one of them for you.

It is so much easier to have a space where you can put your blocks out and make it easier to see your pattern and block placement.  If you really don't have the wall space, like so many don't, there still are sever things you can do to "borrow" some space.

1.  Purchase a flat 100% cotton flannel sheet in the largest size possible.  That is the one without the elastic to fit on the mattress.  Flat.  Flannel.  Flannel will allow your blocks to stick.  And you can actually roll up your sheet and not have to remove your blocks and replace them when you sew again.  You may be able to score a single flannel flat sheet from the resale shop!

2A.  The first suggestion is to use your bed as your design wall.  Many people have king sized beds, I happen to have a queen.  (Frank is cheap, I wanted a king.)  Even a double will work though, so don't despair   This is a good incentive to make your bed.  I rarely make my bed.  (Shhhhh! don't tell anyone.)  Smooth the bedclothes as flat as you can, if you need to remove the bedspread, do so.  Lay the flannel sheet over the bed and you have your Design Bed.

2B.  If you have a double closet door in your room you can hang a shade above the closet woodwork.  You won't need the largest flannel sheet for this.  Lay out the shade on a flat surface and pull out the shade to its longest extension   Using glue, and I think wallpaper paste should work fine here, smooth the glue on the shade.  Carefully roll the flannel sheet over the shade making sure there are no wrinkles.  You can get wallpaper paste in small quantities at a hardware shop.  They use that for repairs to existing wallpaper installation.

Once the glue is dry you can trim the sheet to fit the shade area.  Make sure you trim the sides carefully because you don't want it interfere with the roll up mechanism.

With this you can also roll the shade up with your blocks attached, hidden away when not needed.  The picture reminds me to remind you to purchase a ROLL UP shade not these guys.

To make the shade structure  prettier you can make a valance board covered with your favorite fabrics! How exciting!

3.  Create on your new design wall!

See, I feel so much better.  I am not dwelling on my poor pathetic life, but yours!  And I am solving your problems!

glen:  going out to save the world!

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  1. Waterbeds don't really work as a design wall - I've tried!


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