Sunday, November 18, 2012

Not a Stash Report.......

This started out as a stash report and when I went to post to the Stash Report pages, I realized it was NOT a stash report but a Monday Design Wall.  A little switcheroo and we have liftoff!

I have used a tiny bit of fabric this week.  I put the binding on my Christmas table runner and did some free motion quilting on the Saints quilt for Matt.  I found some Saints wrapping paper; that was an exciting moment!  LOL

Other than that not much was accomplished.  I do have plans for this next week.  One thing that has become apparent is the bassets are cold.  I have had Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs since 1989.  They are areas, huge dogs with a love of the coldest weather.  Bassets are long stretches with no legs and no coat.  They shiver in the cold.

So it has been determined that each of the three bassets need their own quilt cover.  I think a layer of flannel  instead of batting will make it very drop able.

I have to complete the saints quilt. (Keep saying that and maybe it will come true.)

On Sunday, I laid out 4 quilts to load on the longarm.  Just think, 4 UFOs will be done this week and I can count all that backing as used in November!  Oh, wait, Thanksgiving is this week.  I will just have to cook fast!  I have a ton of peoples coming to eat!

And I have the Moroccan quilt's construction to figure out.  I also have the spools on the Design wall.  I think I will put them together on Tuesday at Red Stick.  I made four more and added black strips between the rows to make it a nice size.  And for some reason I keep thinking Theresa.  Not sure why.

On another Getting Older Note---I started a folder for the quilt pictures for 2013.  I don't think the Mayans will be right........

Oh, and you see that cute little dog here?  Well, McGee ate my zipper bag (and zipper) as well as the zipper in the jacket I wear on cool days.  For some reason he does not like zippers......he may have a death wish.


  1. Love your spools! Yay for conquering UFOs all at once. I am with you on the Mayan thing :)

    The doggies keep life interesting at your place, obviously.

    Congrats on the special moment of finding Saints wrapping paper, lol

  2. Zippers are scary! My cat eats socks, I worry about her (and my dwindling sock population). I love your spools!

  3. Great dog photos. I am thinking I need a coat for my Lex. At dog trials I need to leave him in the car at times and it would help keep his back warm. I love your spools, Yes the black looks good.

  4. Your spools are wonderful! I'm with you -- the Mayans had it all wrong! :)

  5. Zipper! Yikes! My dog eats hardback books! He especially likes the covers. He's a goofy Labradoodle!

  6. Love the spool blocks! Perhaps you need to switch to garments with only buttons ..nayh ... buttons are probably tasty too.


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