Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday: Runners and Red Stick

We will be at the Red Stick in Baton Rouge if anyone wants to come by and sew.  We will get there late though, like around lunch or just after.

Yesterday, in amongst all the other stuff I need to be doing, I did get a chance to sew for an hour or so.  I made these!

Table runners!

They were fast and easy and very creative and very very modern.  I patterned them after Ikea and that other one that Carrie is always looking at., (can't remember the name of it right now....)  We have some placemats that look like that orange one almost!

I don't know if you notice it or not, but the right side of the orange runner is a different fabric.  There is a strip of a larger stripe there.  It blended beautifully and would be an incredible combination in a larger modern quilt.

I am doing hand stitching on the orange one, and need to find the beige thread for the squares on the brown one. I love both of these.  I wanted to do these for Christmas presents but they are so hard to give away!

I am actually amazed that the brown stripe one, the only one that is bound and finished, is so square!  My advice to new quilters is to keep plugging at it, experience and patience will turn you into an incredible quilter.  You do get better.

All the Santa CAAWS photos are mailed out.  And I am working on the Volunteer/Membership Party in about 2 weeks.  That reminds me, I need to call AJ.........

OOHHHHH!  and the BEST thing was the Sea Urchin Pinsie Cushion arrived yesterday!
Thanks Karen!  I love it soooo much!  See how it goes perfectly with my tablerunner?


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  1. You lucky duck - winning the pincushion and pinsies! Your table runners are great! They remind me of the ones The Silly BooDilly is making right now. She is using ticking and linen, but the use of the striped fabric is similar.


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