Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cleaning Day For the Sewing Chair

It is about time to clean the ole chair wheels again.  Even though it looks like I have fallen and can't get up, the chair is upturned so I can reach the wheels.

The wheels are FULL of thread.

And BATTING, too???????

and this is a pile from just one wheel.

And this is a pile from all five of the wheels.  A large pile of thread, tiny material pieces and batting.  All the detritus of sewing fine quilts.

I used every one of these tools, and could have used a few more!

Let's see what you can get out of your sewing room chair wheels.


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  1. I cleaned my wheels the other day and was totally amazed at the amount of stuff hiding up in there. I felt like one of those magicians who pull the endless scarf from their sleeve. It always makes me laugh.


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