Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I have been a very bad girl..........

I really have!  And it was so much fun!

Ann and I decided to ditch the sewing at Red Stick yesterday in favor of meeting the owner of the newest shop in town Mia's Fabric Cafe, Anita.  And her daughter.  It was so nice to finally meet the two of them.

Maylee back
Maylee sashing and cornerstones
Mia's is having pretty nice sale on fabric, as you can imagine.  And I indulged like a heathen!  I have 15 yards to ADD to my stash report on Sunday.  But what beauties they are!  And most have some sort of a plan.

This is for the baby quilt I will start soon for Maylee.  Remember Cutesy Pie Maylee?

These crawfish beauties are just the right combination for a spring quilt for South Louisiana.  I think they are supposeed to be lobsters, but no self respecting Louisiana girl will call them that, they are crawfish plain and simple.

Golden dots for the binding of Matt's Saints Quilt.  It neesds to get done soon, I am sure my cuz Karen will be calling soon for our Exchange Dinner.  Hers is finished, but Matt's hangs in there!

These are just because I coud not resist stripes and grey checkerboards.

Then at the Remember Me Christmas Party we had such wonderful food.  Lillian and her committee did a fabulous job with the food and the decorations.  When I walked into the room I saw a table covered with beautifully wrapped prizes.  One stood out to me, it was huge and bright green with red Santas bounding all over it!  It called to me.  I answered.  I wanted that big prize!

It was like a Christmas miracle come to life.  After 30 years of cruising and playing bingo cards on those cruise ships, I finally won a BINGO!  Lillian called the final number that put me into BINGO range and I exploded!  Pat already had the huge green present in her arms to deliver to my overflowing excitement! 

This is what it was!  Snapware!  Glorious Snapware!  Oh, I see organizational greatness in 2013.

Most everyone got letters from Santa telling them they were on the Naughty list and should not be watching for Santa this year!

It was a great Remember Me Party!

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  1. Nice score on the fabric! I really like the checkerboard fabric! I can't wait to see what you use the Snapwear for. There is a discound grocer that has closeout specials and Snapwear shows up frequently. Maybe I will have to "snap" some up (sorry I could not resist the pun) for some needed organizing of my own!


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