Monday, December 17, 2012

So Happy!

Great news!!!!!   The password book has been found!

When Frank emptied the recycle basket into the main recycle bin for the route man in the morning, it fell out!  Oh, can I tell you how relieved I am?  Not because I think some unscrupulous person would get into our sites, but because I had no idea what most of the passwords were!!!

This is the thing I just finished for the Fiber Exploration Group.  The challenge was to do something with a pointsettia.  I had seen something like this a while back and bought the felt for it.  So I Just Do It became this cool pillow.  I deconstructed three really full pointsettia stems and sewed each one on to the pillow in a circling pattern.  I should have started from the outside and worked in, but I did it opposite and it was a pain in the patooty.

This week I will work on getting Christmas presents completed and all the spaces beside the names on my list filled in.  And I need to begin to work on my Down Under Mystery for River City.

 I can't show you that!  LOL.

But he cooked me steaks last night to die for, and I cooked him Gorgonzola Potatoes he loved!

glen:  still no emails!


  1. The steaks look wonderful, the potatoes look yummy, the pillow is adorable. Now why on earth would anyone throw out a book like that without asking? Shame on your dear darling loving husband! Oh, the asparagus looks great too, I'm coming to your house for leftovers!

  2. Oh, whew! I'm so glad you found your password book -- that would be detrimental to me!! Nice trade off on the steaks and Gorgonzola Potatoes! :)

  3. glad you found the password book, I think I could figure out most of mine but some might be a problem

  4. The asparagus looks tastey - I love asparagus and I never had it until about 11 years ago. We never had it growing up. So glad you found the password book.


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