Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stash Reduction 12-8-12

Forward Progress Slowed.......that should be the title.

used this week -0.25
used in Dec -0.25
added this week 3
Add in Dec 3
Used YTD -220
Added YTD 205
Stash Reduction  -15

I used 1/4 yard to bind a tablerunner.  But I ordered 3 yards of fabric.  One is a great black huge print of sailboats, the other is one of the Madonnas.

The sailboats are huge on the fabric.  I copied it into my computer from the website, then I put it into the kaleidoscope maker and fell in love.

And of course the Madonnas are perfect for the season, even for me!  LOL.  I really liked what I saw Victoria over at Bumble Beans do with her when we were in that group together last year.  And the Madonna was on sale even!  So much for atheist view!

And another is a special yard for a special friend for Christmas.  I will mail it off this week with instructions NOT to open until Dec 24.

That ought to make her crazy!

And it will be out of my stash as fast as it came in.  You know the only reason I ordered the two yards I am keeping is because of her.  If I wouldn't have HAD to order this fabric for her, I would NOT have ordered the other stuff for me.

You know.......

So McGee had his 3rd and final heartworm treatment this week.  Thank whatever Dog Gods watch over him because he needs to be roadworked!

He is barely surviving each day....because of his inability to be calm and good and not get into to trouble.

And we have three more weeks of inactivity to get through.........and if he survives me not killing him and him eating fabric for those three weeks, he will be rewarded with a mile twice a day for a week then two miles after that each walk.  Maybe that will wear off his energy......

And this was the sky last night as we rode to meet at Isabella's for dinner.  See the heavy bank of storm clouds in the two on the left.  All came from the same night, but about 1/2 hour apart.  We never got the rains, but we did have a change in weather this morning to such humidity.  It will get cold cold tomorrow.  Well, at least cold for here!  LOL

I have not seen my stalker for a while, I wonder if she is laying low.


  1. I'll bet most of McGee's issues are because he has to stay quiet and like you say, can't work off any energy so he takes it out on you. Once he's able to go walking he will be an angel, I'm sure of it.

  2. Love the sail boat fabric. Poor McGee, though he will be starting the New Year off with a whole new life, hope you will be able to keep up with him!


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