Sunday, December 16, 2012

stash report

My email is down, so if anyone is emailing me and I am not answering, that is why.  I thought it wanted my password, and we all know I was stupid and somehow lost my book with all the passwords (how could it have left my room I have no freaking idea.) So I diddled with it and now have no idea what it was that was already in there.

So I called my friendly Cox lady and she reset the password and told me the email server in my area is down. Duh.........I didn't need to do all those tries.

I hope this is not indicitive of the week to come.......

This is Stash Reporting week number 50, so if I buy anything I will not be able to use the excuse that I will use it next month!

used this week -3.250
used in Dec -3.5
added this week 15
Add in Dec 18
Used YTD -223.25
Added YTD 220
Stash Reduction  -3.25

I used about 3 1/4 yards this week in bindings on the Gears hanging, the Saints Quilt.  Then I made the pointsettia pillow for the Fiber Exploration group.  And of course all that wonderful fabric from Mia's found its way into the old stash.

BUT......that said, I am STILL in the hole by 3.25 yards!  YEA!


  1. Hate that you haven't found your password notebook yet. Sometimes I see the benefit of living single, the only person who can throw out my stuff is me!!
    And for me, there is a picture that is covering your stash report, maybe we aren't supposed to see it? *grin*

  2. Anne, I think she did that on purpose, don't you? Glen, I love those fabric. It is a good thing I can't make it to BR until Christmas Eve or some of that would be coming to Lewisburg. Stelly loses/forgets his password all the time. My notebook is backed p on my iPad.


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