Friday, December 28, 2012

The Hysterical Story of the Knives

Speaking of knives, one of my favorite stories of my adventures is buying the first nice knives for my Mother's Day present.  I love him, but he is cheap and squeaky!

Enjoy this.  If you were with me then, you will laugh again.  If you have joined me since, it will make you laugh!

I am having lunch with my lovely daughter and handsome husband today.  We will all have salads.

glen:  although she doesn't need it, we do

PS - I really need to get some current pictures of Carrie, this one is from realize I must have 20,000 of the dogs from just December 2012!  LOL.

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  1. I think I missed that story the first time around ... or I would have told you to tell him that I am still using the pricey Swiss knives that I bought when I worked in Europe 30 years ago and while I've paid to have them sharpened a few times, they have been more than worth the cost.


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