Friday, December 21, 2012

Walking Study and an early Present

I was accepted into the Pennington Research study about walking.  Cool!  So I was at the Orientation Meeting Thursday night.  I am hoping that the Mayans are wrong and I didn't waste the next to last day of the world in a meeting!

I will find out which group I will be in in January.  Obviously the Pennington people are not going to waste any money on testing us unless the Mayans are going to be wrong either.  Maybe they are smarter than me.

Smarter than I?   ( I bet they would know that too!)

And we just got back from the mall where HE bought me my Christmas present.  A new fancy iPad with all the bells and whistles.    And Siri talks  to me!   And the camera takes pictures!!
!  And all my stuff transferred to the new the cute geniuses at the Apple Store.

But, I am posting from the old one, which will become the property of Frank, because it won't post to my blog.  I need to get that worked on.  The blog is way to important to be ignored by the new guy!

I am going to hit the backyard and see how that camera works!


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  1. I have been using a free app called blog press to do my posts.


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