Sunday, January 27, 2013

CAAWS Mystic Krewe of Mutts Rolls Today

Newsflash:  King Jimmy abdicates his throne, infighting among the cats, who reigns is uncertain.

Remember Jimmy?  He was the dog tossed over the fence.  I have a court date next month for the guy who did it.  Jimmy was named King of Mutts for the Parade today.

Well, Jimmy knows how to unlock the gate.  And last night he got out and is missing.  So I am not sure who will end up being King today.

I will be out there selling t-shirts if anyone wants to come and see me.  I will be by the registration booth on North Blvd.

Come and see us, donate some money to spay and neuter dogs and cats and help decrease unwanted pet population.

glen:  100% of your money goes to the animals, what other organization can say that?


  1. Wish I were closer so I could see the parade, please take many pictures!! Shame on that King for abdicating his throne. I sure hope he's found quickly.

  2. Boy...I sure do miss those Mardi Gras parades! What a great idea to have a dog parade to help raise money! Have fun and I can't wait to see the pics.

  3. WOW! You have a TOTALLY different look on your site! Kinda shocking at first! Looks good though.


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