Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Court Today - A Minor Victory For Animals

I headed downtown for court today, my monthly sojourn into the legal system abyss of the State of Louisiana Justice System.  Yet another hearing on the revocation of probation for the two women who spent three years dumping over 100 sick and injured dogs at CAAWS in the dead of night.

Since last February, the judge has ordered Norton and Greenwood to have no animals as a condition of their parole.  Norton is 74 and Greenwood is her daughter at 50-something.  Each month the judge has given them chance after chance after chance to disencumber themselves of animals.  This is not their first conviction on animal cruelty either.  The animals on their property are starved and malnourished, not vetted and often stolen probably for the rewards.  For three years we got their sick and injured animals in the middle of the night until we bought security cameras and filmed them dumping helpless sick animals in our fences.  As of yesterday, there are still animals of several varieties on their property.  They

Finally today, the judge, saying he was not happy about doing this, put Norton into jail on the condition that she be released when the animals are gone from the property.

I can't say the wicked witch is dead but she is definitly disabled.



  1. Thank you for speaking up for those who can not speak for themselves.

  2. People like that scare me. I'm so glad that y'all are helping the animals, good on you!

  3. GOOD FOR YOU! My life is dedicated to animals. You are in LA...have you heard of a group called HART...Helping Animals Reach Tomorrow? They are a wonderful mother daughter team (in desperate need of more volunteers!) that goes around building fences to get dogs unchained....I'm involved in a group here in SC very similar (Freedom Fences) and some of our team have been to HART to help them (and are going again the first week in FEB). We here in SC FINALLY have county council on board to discuss an anti tethering law! Big Kudous to Freedom Fences founder for this GRAND accomplishment!

  4. There has got to be something mentally wrong with people to treat so many animals so badly! You are a special person to champion the cause and try to keep these women from continuing to abuse animals. Keep us posted on the progress of this case.

  5. yay! some people just don't have a clue - good for the judge and about time.

  6. Kudos to you for sticking with this too. Where were these women getting the sick animals? Were they the owners? Why not just take them to a shelter legally? I so do not understand people.


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