Monday, January 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday 1-21-13

This is what, the 3rd week of the year!  My design wall was pathetically empty until 9 o'clock last night.  I decided I needed to put a baby quilt together for the Scottish lad born to the son of my godsister last week. She is heading to Scotland to see him and I want to send it to her to take with her.  She is in California.  It started out with a pile of jewel tone scraps and a wild Kidz Jungle print. by 1 am I had this beauty that went from this:

To this:
And I still have jewel tone scraps left over!  LOL.  Do you ever really get rid of all the scraps?

Look at those cute dogs
I did some zipper pouches on Sunday afternoon rather than sit in the warm sunshine and soak up rays.  Look at those great poodles on them.  The fabric came from Ann's Philly trip.

And I have the Reflections quilt to work on again.  And Maylee's quilt top is finished and needs a back and to be quilted.  I need to get the Southwest finished and off the frame to put Maylee's on there.  It is sooo cute!

Since we may have a different group of peoples here I am going to ask my sewing machine question here as well.


My little Brother sewing machine that cost all of $79 three years ago now refuses to set the tension to any setting.  It will cost more to have the sewing machine guy look at it than I paid for it.  So I am in the market for a new machine.

I want to spend about $200 to $400, have a drop feed dogs, needle up/down and the ability to have a walking foot.  It is the machine I would take to classes and retreats and the Red Stick.  My big machine is too expensive to be hauling around and getting in the humidity and dropping it and all.

So what do you have that you like?  I am so confused with all the things that are out there.  Help!



  1. wow you got a lot done since last night - I always say - the mood has gotta hit ya know?

  2. Looks like Brother machines get a lot of really good reviews for their machines in your price range. I have never had a brother sewing machine.
    I personally would prefer a used pfaff. :)
    Also Janomes are good machines too.
    Check out the machines at
    They have some brotehrs, some janomes and some singers. I would prefer the janomes there to the others.
    Check out the used machines on Ebay. I have bought several machines on Ebay and never had any kind of problem with them. :)

  3. Cute baby quilt! I would recommend you check out Janome Jems. They are usually lightweight and reasonably priced and sew well.

  4. Get the Janome Gem. I have the Platinum and it is fantastic. tons of stitches and everything else you need and it is about 13 lbs.

  5. Love your projects.
    I suggest the Janome line or a Pfaff. I have both and love them both.


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