Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fear of Cleaning The Quilt Room

Danielle, my guru of great sayings, says today:

"What's keeping you stuck at square one?
What's blockading your greatness?
What's turning you in circles?

Fear of pain. That's it.

Most obviously, we fear painful events -- loss, humiliation, disconnection. But actually, what we might fear the most is awareness. What keeps us in a holding pattern is the fear of knowing more about our reality -- and having to act on what we know. "

I know she is talking about handling life events, but I can turn this to quilting very quickly.  My quilt room clean up.  

How long have I been talking about it?  Two years?  Maybe not that long, but very close!  I really need to get in there, take everything out, and put it back in.  I am thinking that I would get a box and send some stuff to the guilds for their birthday tables, but I kinda like the stuff I bought.  

I also feel I need to use it up before I go on to the quilt studio in the sky, because Carrie would send it all to Goodwill.  (If you see my obituary in the paper, call Frank to see if you can have some stuff before Carrie gets into it.)

I need to lose the fear of the painful event of taking everything out of the room and lining the hallway with my "junk", as Frank calls it.  (You see, he would be totally willing to let Carrie give it all to Goodwill.)  My quilty greatness is being blockaded by the stuff blocking my sewing machine.   I am unable to get to the fabric stuck in the corner because of the square one(s) piled up in the orphan box.  I have to keep turning in circles because there is no other way to get through the piles of stuff laying in the center of the room!

I am in a holding pattern of reality because I want to believe the Quilt Fairies will come and tidy things up overnight.  I guess Snow White can't spare them again this year.  I really wanted to wake up and see their fluttering wings moving and folding and spindling my fabrics into submission.


I guess Nike is right, I just have to do it!


  1. I'm right there with you!

    So I made a "doable" resolution for the month of January. [note: not for the whole year]:
    Straighten/reorganize ONE bookcase of fabric/projects.

    I have FIVE bookcases, so I freeze whenever I think I have to do ALL of it. And, like you, I have piles in front of each bookcase, so those have to be cleared away also.

    Try just one area. Try just 15 minutes a day?
    Good luck.

  2. When I was off for the holidays I spent some of my time cleaning up the studio and the fabric storge room. Turn on some music and just started. Once I got into it I didn't want to stop! I found stuff I forgot about and found stuff I was looking for. I am glad I spent the time doing it.

  3. I totally understand your pain. I think it is because I like you want to get it all done in one event. I want to move everything out and then only put back what I really really really like. But then I have to look at everything and pass judgement on it and well..... I put the whole thing off for another time. Right now I hope to just clear off the table long enough to trim a quilt. I'm gonna settle for little victories -- good luck- and if the quilting fairies do stop by tell them I'm available anytime for a visit!

  4. The picture of your sewing room made me feel right at home. I am fighting the same battle. I actually abandon a project before I get started because when I see all the stuff I need to move, or climb over and nearly break neck, I decide not to do it. I saw a funny story relating to this: An old quilter died, and when her husband and children were clearing out her stuff they came upon a big bag full of scraps. Written on it was - too small to do anything with!

  5. Send the quilt fairies over to my house when they're done with you, I have a mess also.

    BUT my mantra has always been - Creative Clutter is Better Than Idle Neatness

    (Or the ever popular - Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow) ............. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it

  6. I showed these pictures to my husband to prove that I am not the only one with a messy quilting room! He said, "Those pictures look like they could have been taken at our house! She even has the same laundry basket holding her supplies!" I feel vindicated and you should know that I have spent the last several days SLOWLY working on my quilting room clean-up. I take ONE thing (basket, plastic bag, shelf, etc.) and only focus on it. DO NOT LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE, WHATEVER YOU DO!!! One area will get cleaned/thrown away/ironed/organized, etc. It really works miracles! I have an area of floor that I can see and fabric that is folded and put away on shelves. I still have several more laundry baskets (mostly scraps) and tons of quilting books to find a shelf for, but it is coming together! WE CAN DO IT!\

  7. Glenda,
    I love reading your blog! But I really think you sneaked into my sewing room to take pics that you could post as yours, lol! I have been trying, though not very hard, to move sewing stuff from one bedroom to another for almost a year, so don't think yours is a mess--just ride to La Place and see mine!


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