Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The Elephants do Sri Lanka has taken me over five years and I still need to put the binding on yet.
The Judy Tate mystery quilt has bee at least six, possibly more that that.

So with my historical background of taking vast eons of time to finish something, I have embarked upon a new (long termed) project.  I just picked up Atlas Shrugged on CD from the library.

Atlas Shrugged  Ckick here to see what it is about.

DiNozzo's size in relation
to the amount of CDs
DiNozzo trying to
climb on top of the
CD case holding the book
When the librarian turned from the Holds Vault pushing a wheelbarrow with the box containing the CDs she grinned at me with as smile the belied the happiness she felt knowing that I would be paying overdue   fines that might equal her salary.

FIFTY CDs!!!???!!!???

I have one more CD in the book by Alice Hoffman The Probable Future.  Then I can start Atlas.  I read it years ago wanting to know what this book was that the crossword puzzles all gave as a clue, Ayn Rand Book.  I fell in love with it.  And it applies to today's political climate even though it was written in 1957.  The innovators and industrialists stop producing and the US changes for the worse.

It is a telling story, perhaps of our probable future.  I guess I will be doing a lot of quilting to this book!

I am also filling in with some photos:  here is the vintage apron that went into my Cotton Robin project.

 But right now, i get to go pick up my new baby!


  1. How long will the library let you keep those 50 CDs? I laughed because when I started to read Atlas Shrugged a long time ago, a friend suggested that when I get to the long diatribe, I just skip over it ... you made me wonder how many CD's that section of the book takes.

  2. Ps. that vintage apron fabric is pretty modern looking, isn't it?

  3. Never thought of listening to this book. It is one of my very favorite books, and I think I've read it three times in hardbound. Enjoy!


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