Saturday, January 19, 2013

First We Have Birthday Eve......

Then the original Birthday Day.  Then we have the Post-Birthday Day, that was yesterday.  Then we have the Birthday Weekend!  That is today and tomorrow!  Dinner with Carrie and Andrew tonight and more presents! Whoopee!

Met with buddy Charlene and cute as a bug hubby Stelly this day, and we had soul food lunch near the Alley where she will be Bowling (hence the bowling alley) in the Women's State Tourney.   GO CHARLENE!

And I am now the proud recipient of the most incredible Stonehenge fabrics!  And a pattern that will make your fingers itch with desire!

Monet and the perfect Stonehenge to start it off.

Of course, my "fabric diet" has suffered as much as my waistline with all the birthday partying.  I guess I have to claim it as an IN on my Stash Count.

No, I won't give it back!  I really do love it.  Well, lust for yourselves:


  1. I really tried not to give you fabric b/c I knew you were on a diet but my salesmanship got the best of me! LOL you can always trade it back to me for the squedge ruler 18".

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Been busy so just catching up on my blog reading. Love that pattern and fabric. I looked up her patterns and love the visual effect. I am gonna have to pick one to make some day.


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