Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting a Lot Done Today

I actually got a lot of stuff done today!  I was wondering why and realized that Frank was home and had half the dog duty!  He opened doors and pulled things from the beast's mouth as much as I did.

Todd and the Scottish Lad
I noticed McGee carrying something across the room, heading to the back of the house.  It was the bottle of face wash I had just bought at the store.  I guess he felt dirty.  Then later he carted my shoe out to the back yard, well, that may well have been DiNozzo, he loves to "steal" my shoes and run like hell so I will chase him.

What did I get done?

I cut up 3 1/2 yards of orange for the block swap for Taking Names.  One inch and three inch strips go into 8 packages.

To the Post Office to mail off the 8 block swap packages for the Taking Names project over at Eva Paige and got the Scottish Lad quilt off to the grandmother Debby in California to take over with her when she heads to Scotland soon.

And I got my block for the Cotton Robin yesterday so I pulled some fabrics for the first border!  I am excited!

I made my 12 blocks for the Taking Names project.  I love them.  They will be a bright orange with Shades of Grey!  It is looking supercalifragilisticexpialidotious!

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