Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy News From the State of Louisiana!

The State of Louisiana is celebrating the happy news!  It was announced today that former Governor Edwin Edwards and his wife Trina are expecting.  And it will be shown to the world via Reality Show titled The Governor's Wife.

Can you imagine how happy we are here in Louisiana?

You do know the back story, huh?  The  four time Gov is 85 years old and just got released from a  ten year federal prison stint last year for racketeering, it was the only thing they could actually get him on.

It was also announced that they used artificial insemination.

#3 Trina
The reality show will showcase Edwards' daughter Anna (who is like 64 years old) and focus on third wife Trina (who is 34) and her two sons from a previous relationship.  Trina began writing to Edwin while he was in prison and the two shared conjugal visits until his release.
#2 Candy

I saw Edwards last year at a Masonic dinner.  He didn't look none too good.

Second wife Candy divorced him after Edwin and his son Steven went to federal prison.  Edwin is no stranger to political corruption.  In his early terms as Louisiana Governor, his first wife Elaine received $10,000 in a brown paper bag from a South Korean Rice Broker Tongsun Park who was accused of attempting to bribe official into purchasing millions of dollars of rice.  What?  We grow rice here, you say.  Of course Edwin got out of it, but when asked about the "gift" to his wife he replied, "When a man gives your wife $10,000 you don't ask her any questions as to where she got it!)
#1 Elaine

Sadly this is another in a long line of things that help the other 49 states to laugh at us.  But I want to make it clear, I had nothing to do with any of this!  I never even voted for him!



  1. one of my daughter's in laws from the north recently insinuating that people in the south are stupid

  2. He is staying true to form! Not surprising, just more of the same.

  3. What a pig! He still thinks he is hot stuff so he father's a baby to try and show "he's still the man." What a loser! Karma will get him eventually! Here is Ohio they are still gathering up the swine in the Cuyahoga County corruption scandle. This has been going on for quite awhile, some have already gone to jail and others are still being tried. If Cleveland already gets made fun of and this certainly didn't help their image! So Lousiana is not alone!

  4. I lived near New Orleans from 1980 through 1988 and remember one of Edward's campaign slogans,"I may be a crook, but at least I'm an honest crook"! What a dirtbag! I didn't even know he was still alive. Thanks for the update!


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