Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maylee and Reflections

Tuesdays at Red Stick started up again, if anyone wants to come and join us.  We usually get there between 10-10:30 AM and leave anywhere from noon to 7 PM closing.  I generally leave about 1 or 2 unless Frank is at home to let the dogs out.  I never know his schedule.

But COME and sew with us!  Great lighting, great tables, lots of space!  And lots of FABRIC!

In fact, today's words of wisdom from Danielle are:

Your life is your art.  

How true

Reflections has the light lavender batik on the edges.  Now they are looking like circles, not what I want so I may still be arranging them to live another way.  Hmm. Two blocks are sewn together so far.  I tried to put two lights or two darks together.  I may have to do some ripping, but it should be negligible any way I go.

I worked all day on Maylee's quilt yesterday.  It is looking amazing!
It started off with a few blocks together:

Then grew to this:

I cut two bows from the straps of a little dress and will use them as embellishments.  I am loving this one.

I sent a picture to Betty Jean and she is loving it too!  Can't wait to see it finished.  I am trying for as show and tell at REME, at least as a top.

Remember the back for Maylee's Quilt?  I am loving it too!  See how just totally perfect it is?  I made a great selection, I did!



  1. Your maylee's quilt is looking great! I am going to have to do with my boys baby clothes and t-shirts. I already gave most of their clothes away and just kept my favorites so first step is done.

  2. Love the Reflections quilt, really, a lot! I kind of like the circles look... ?


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