Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Contribution To the Quilting World Today

I did not take a stitch today, and yet I contributed to the quilting world!  How?  You ask.

Hooligans?  Come on mom.
what a cute butt!
Like little chicken legs
I spent the morning sleeping, since Frank has been out of town since Sunday, and I have been momma AND daddy to the hooligan bunch, and the stupid cat who can't remember that she just ate five minutes ago.  He is currently on the way home from the baton rouge airport, provided he finds his luggage made the flight too!

I spent the afternoon with my friend Norma helping her set up her blog Stitches 'n Styles.  We learned a lot of things about what we don't know about blogger!  Now I think she has a nice blog that. She can fill in with some of her beautiful work.  She is an accomplished long arm quilter.


I got the Ellie's!!!!!!!

Charlene of The Happy Quilter did the most amazing job!  I will do a whole post on it tomorrow!

Thank you Charlene!!!!!!!  I love the Ellie's!  The quilting is exquisite!


  1. The Ellie's look wonderful. Always smile when there are pictures of the hooligans.

  2. Looking forward to seeing more of the Ellie's - awesome quilt! The hooligan on the right looks like Sherlock Holmes, and is that Watson peeking around the corner?

    I have a question for you - when you reply to comments do you have to go to the commenters profile, get the email and send them a reply, or is there a way to set it up to do it easier. I googled how to reply to blogger comments and it showed me to paste this HTML into such and such a place which I did, but now what? When I reply after the commenter does it get emailed to the commenter? You are really good at replying to comments so wondered how you do it. Thanks

  3. Just love your quilt! It's so unique.
    I have some fabric that's a little bit similar, makes me want to get busy and make it into a quilt.


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