Friday, January 4, 2013

Off the Wall Friday

I have two things to show you.  One is the Gears I have been working on for JudyM.  She designs things and brings them to me for testing.  She does a lot of things with photos and this one particularly attracted Frank, who now owns the piece.  To see Judy's work check out

Then I had a fiber group project to interpret a photo of a beautiful yellow hibiscus.  Here is the photo:

Here is my interpretation:

Check out the other wonderful things we are working on at Nina Marie's place:



  1. That"s pretty, I like the interpretation, it really works:)

  2. I really like the gears piece. Did you print the photo on fabric? The hibiscus is a very nice interpretation. The fabrics you selected do a great job showing the depth of color in the flower. When we lived in Hawaii, Tom and I visited a hisbiscus farm where the owner was experimenting with color in creating new hybreds. We took hundreds of photos. I can see now that they would make really beautiful small quilts. Hmmm. I wonder what file I stored them in.

  3. I find the gears fascinating - really - really interesting!! I can see a whole series of those made up!


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