Monday, January 21, 2013

Scottish Lad top complete and a good day all around

Update:  Scottish Lad quilt is quilted and ready for binding!
Front and back:

The corners are black but they disappear into the red carpet!

Yes, a pretty good day all around!

McGee was hunting something in the Aztec Grass.  It was pretty intense!  It kept him busy for over an hour which gave DiNozzo and me some down time!  That dog is pretty intense every minute of the day.  Can't leave him alone in a room or you won't have a room to come back to.

This is the Scottish Lad quilt top.  It is sandwiched and ready to quilt tonight in front of the TV on my Husqvarna.  I need to get it off as soon as I can so I can overnight it to Deb to take with her to Scotland.

And this incredible picture is the sky as I was talking to Julie about the upcoming (this SUNDAY) CAAWS Mystic Krewe of Mutts Parade.  She said, Look at the sky!  So I went outside and took some pictures.  Startling color.

And when I downloaded the red sky photos, i found the purple sky photos!

So here is some beauty for you to feast your tired eyes and be refreshed!


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  1. I completely love the Scottish Lad quilt! The colors are so wonderful and I love the design.


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