Thursday, January 31, 2013

Questions in my Head

Did you ever have a day that was more quesitons than answers?  Well, today is my day!

The  registration for my new machine gets mailed to:


And the website is  I guess they are all in one now?  Anybody know the deal there?  I know the Viking Megaquilter is the same as the Janome 1600.  Same machine, just put the different logos on it.

Can you believe I have this new machine and I have not sat down to sew yet?  Unbelievable.  Maybe this afternoon.  I did, however, clear off a nice chunk of my sewing table in the sewing room.  That was some progress, I get a pat on the back for that, huh?

But now I have this on my ironing board.  Sort of progress, I guess.  Much more needs to be done.  I shouldn't sew more stuff until I get some of this done and quilted......I know.....I know.

How about you?

I just took a call from someone in my fiber group.  She has arranged a show.  Here in Baton Rouge.  There are four of us putting stuff in there. More on that later when I decide what to put in there.  But it is exciting.  Let's Swissy pup, Eiffel Tower, some of the fiber group stuff.

Small, artsy stuff.  We shall see, I need to think on how to hang them.

Breakfast is not my favorite meal.  So I saw on Judy L's blog where she makes a huge batch of oatmeal and freezes individual portions.  Later, she defrosts a "hockey puck" of oatmeal, adds fruit and brown sugar or whatever, and some FF half and half and has a nice breakfast and quick.

I made two 12 hole cupcake pans of steel cut Irish oatmeal which are currently freezing.  It is weird looking but hopefully it works like it sounds.  See the nice ice cream next to the healthy oatmeal?  I wonder how long it will stay there.....?



  1. I hate oatmeal and can never see any reason to eat it LOL - other than in cookies or something like that -- well bread and pancakes too - you could make up a batch of pancakes or waffles and freeze them too - stick in the microwave to heat briefly or in the toaster - yum - I could do that.

  2. I eat oatmeal. I love cream of rice and am ok with cream of wheat.

    I do not eat pancakes, no way no how, they are so gross! But take the very same batter and make a waffle out of it and I'm good! Go figure. :)
    Actually, I'm not overly fond of breakfast foods in the morning. I'd rather have a bowl of veggies for breakfast and a waffle or a bowl of oatmeal or even an egg sandwich for dinner!

  3. Oh Oatmeal! How I lOve thee! I prefer THICK cut oats myself. I mix with steamed broccoli (yes, really!).
    Anne, I agree with you! Oatmeal is a dinner food, breakfast tends to be raw spinache with black beans and hot peppers. I don't do eggs though.
    Hmm, oatmeal cooks in just 10 could a frozen hockey puck possibly be easier than "add oatmeal, add water, turn burner on 4, walk away for 10 minutes"????? Oh well, to each their own!


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